"I would like to know what the fans want, because especially after the Kickstarter campaign, they are such an integral part of this project. They’re the element we couldn’t do without," says Bell, 33, throwing out a small Netflix show, return to network television, web series or another movie as possibilities.

After the movie, I’m back on Team Logan again – and I would like to see them team up and fight crime together.

Kristen Bell, People Magazine (X)


I am firmly on team: Veronica & Logan Team Up to Fight Crime on Netflix (feat. shirtless!Logan).

Is that a thing, or am I just a perv?

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It’s definitely a thing.  And I support it 500%.  I assume there is a lot of Logan x belt too, no?  In all seriousness, the working together on cases thing has me on cloud 9.

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